August 24, 2019
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Identification Cards with Lanyard, Clip, and RingIdentification cards are a well established means of office security, keeping a record of attendance and monitoring staff numbers. The cards provide a photo and basic information to help staff management and promote safety, and are part of an overall company security policy.

Office ID cards have become increasingly sophisticated, with technology providing better security and access enforcement, and to counter forgeries. Much depends on the size of the business, access to hazardous work areas or sensitive data, whether personal details or company results. Whatever the primary reason, you need to find a reliable company to produce high quality ID cards, whether in Auckland or Invercargill.

Here are three tips when producing an ID card suitable for your business.

Pay Attention to the ID Photo

One of the most important parts of an ID is the photo. Make sure to get the right ID photo printing company ‒ ask about their badge printer’s features, options, and specifications. You can also ask for some samples so you’d know if their photo quality is up to par.

Security Features

There are a couple of ways that ID card makers can add some level of security to your staff’s IDs – it can be through a watermark security, fluorescent ultraviolet security, holographic image laminate, or smart card encoder. Improving the ID card alone will not maximize the security or restrict access. The company needs to review the security protocol so the features in the ID card are integrated into the overall office security policy.

Include a Few Accessories

An ID needs to be durable, easily visible and provide as little inconvenience as possible to the staff member. Pair the card with a high-quality lanyard to minimise the chances of the ID being lost by staff. Most ID-making companies offer personalized lanyards so you can have your company name printed on it.

For ease of access, use a sturdy ID card holder, so your staff can easily slide the ID in and out of it. Most of the ID card holders are made of durable plastic so the ID won’t be damaged.

The ID card is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to help your company manage staff and improve safety. Don’t ignore a sensible way to look after your business.

Terohan Nula