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Website Traffic Graph Going Up

Website Traffic Graph Going UpYou may have read about the value of having multiple landing pages. Creating one is the first step, but the next few are about making a page that is effective and delivers the results you want. Web design experts from Denver cite the following ways to create one that meets your goals.

Organized and Clean Layout

A landing page must have a specific goal in mind and details that relate to that purpose. Information overload on this may cause confusion or an action from a visitor that is not advantageous to you (e.g., clicking back, closing the tab, or choosing a competitor). Organize the layout in a way that focuses on certain aspects of your brand or sections that lead users further down the sales funnel.

Achieve this by creating a clean and clear layout—publish a few pieces of content, whether videos or images; use concise articles about your products and services; and provide a strong call-to-action. Stir your visitors in the directions that are advantageous to you.

Use Trust Signals

Placing and leveraging trust signals through your landing pages allow you to develop a rapport with visitors. Once you establish a strong connection because of mutual trust, you can move the relationship from casual user to either paying customer or regular visitor.

Trust signals can be anything from classic testimonials on a page or word-of-mouth references from previous customers to “likes” or “shares” through various platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Create a Clear and Understandable Value Proposition

Related to the first point, you’ll need clarity to hook visitors and reel them in for the conversion. Make a heading and value proposition that tells visitors more about your brand, products and services you offer. Create a concise and clear pitch about how you can solve the problem/s of a potential customer.

Trust signals, an organized page layout, and a clear value proposition are only some of the ways to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages. Implementing these will give you a competitive advantage over the competition.

Terohan Nula