August 21, 2019
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a woman with her elderly parents

There are gifts that wind up becoming clutters in your home as you don’t see the use for them. If you don’t want your gift to become one of those, here are some items your elderly parents could really use.

Heated Mattress

Cold weather poses a serious risk for seniors, as a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower could trigger health issues like heart attack, liver damage or kidney problems. To give your parents a restful sleep without any worry of dropping temperature especially during the cold months, a heated mattress comes in handy.


Old age presents lots of challenges for your parents. Mobility doesn’t have to be one of them. There’s a wide range of elderly scooters for sale that suit varying needs. Independent living will be much easier to accomplish with this kind of workhorse around.

Bluetooth Tracker

Your parents will never have to lose or misplace anything again with a Bluetooth tracker. This small, nifty gizmo can be attached to anything so they’ll be able to track their stuff with just a press of a button.

Robot Vacuum

Having this tool is like having a personal house cleaner ready to do your bidding round the clock. Depending on the type and make, there’s a vacuum that can work on all types of floor. House cleaning doesn’t have to be the tedious work. And with the time saved, your parents can instead focus their energy on the stuff that they truly love doing.


If your parents are into any particular hobby, paying for their annual membership or enrolling them into an online course will help them stay engaged. Cultivating new hobbies or learning new skills help seniors maintain a healthy emotional and mental well-being.

While these gifts could surprise and delight your parents for their practicality and handiness, still nothing beats spending time with them. Once you’re done buying a gift for them, why not go the extra mile and give them a visit with any of these gifts on hand.

Terohan Nula