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Ski on a nice snowy placeEvery year, about 1.5 million Britons go up the mountains to enjoy skiing. And this number continues to increase annually, as more and more people find joy and thrill in the popular snow sport.
But not all resorts have what it takes to make ski holidays special and memorable. For many, this is what makes Val d’Isere ski holidays stand out. Here are just a few of the things that magnetise snow sports lovers to this place. Ski Line Limited presents the following reasons why this place has enchanted skiers for generations.

Majestic height

With an altitude of 1,850 meters above the town level and more than 3,450 meters atop the La Grande Motte glacier, skiing enthusiasts find Val d’Isere an easy choice. Add to this the impressive portion of its pistes of 60 percent set at 2,200 meters above. The slopes that face north also contribute to the winter entertainment to visitors, and so do the hundreds of Snow Factory-supplied snow cannon set just below the Olympic Lift.

Humongous size

One can only describe this ski resort as humongous. It boasts of 300 kilometres of runs and 1.9 kilometres of vertical slopes, plus a ski area encompassing 10,000 hectares. It also houses more than 90 different lifts, a wide variety of food establishments, numerous off-piste, and styles of accommodations and lodgings that can satisfy any preference and requirement.

Home to La Face de Bellaverde

Those who want to give La Face de Bellaverde (or simply as La Face) a try trek to Val d’Isere. This black run, which the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics made famous, will give any skier one of their most exciting and thrilling downhill runs.
There are plenty of other reasons to go on a ski holiday here, but the three mentioned above should already make you want to book in advance. For many, it has become the premier spot for skiing.
Terohan Nula