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Customer taking a photo of food for a restaurant reviewNowadays, foodies rely on online reviews to say that a restaurant is indeed worth visiting. In fact, online reviews can make or break a restaurant.

An article published on the Entrepreneur reveals that a restaurant with a 3-star or below rating can already put off a potential customer. The question is, what does a restaurant need to do to score high ratings online? As a restaurateur, know that it should be more than just serving good food to get good ratings. Consider these tips, as well:

Yes to Upgrades

Your restaurant might be a community staple, but you can still lose customers if you don’t make constant changes to improve your services and facilities. With this, you have to be open to upgrading your restaurant as necessary. This means using the latest technology, installing a restaurant pager system or even updating your interiors or furniture to ensure that your customers feel comfortable and services are provided on time.

Train Your Staff

Your service crew members may be good at what they do, but it’s always a plus if you allow them to undergo training. There may be new customer service points that they need to learn, so it’ll be an advantage to them and to your restaurant if they understand and apply these points. Training also encourages growth, which translates to better service.

Respond to Your Customers

One way to connect with your customers is to take their comments or suggestions into consideration. So, whether you see a good or bad review online, take the time to address them. Thank your customers, apologize to them if the need arises, or update them too if they have questions.

Lastly, don’t forget to constantly promote your restaurant business. Remember, you’re not alone in the industry; there are thousands of other competitors. And if you market your business effectively, you will also encourage customers to talk about and review your restaurant, so it’s always a win-win situation.


Terohan Nula