August 23, 2019
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Brisbane Landscape

Brisbane LandscapeThe Land Down Under remains one of the most popular countries for expats, with the British being one of the main driving forces in terms of population. According to the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics, 40,000 Britons move to Australia annually. The figure, of course, would be a lot higher if other nationalities are part of the data.

The most attractive destinations are the country’s top cities. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are all part of the list. But why do expats move to these cities? In the case of Brisbane, here are the reasons:

Job Opportunities

Brisbane is pretty attractive in terms of the job opportunities it holds for expats. The industries around the country continue to improve, which creates job openings for everyone. With the skill shortage in many of Australia’s areas, the expats have a shot at moving to Brisbane to rise up the career ladder.

Health Care

Australia ranks high in all indicators of high quality health care, which makes it an ideal location for expats. Accessibility is also one of Brisbane’s edges. Although experts still recommend private health insurance, the overall situation of health care in Australia looks good.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is quite similar to the United Kingdom, which makes it an ideal spot for expats. The food choices share similarities as well. Moreover, Australia has lower fuel prices.

Housing isn’t so much of an issue, especially for expats. There are many spaces for rent, so finding a place is easy. Plus, there are those who fall in love with Australia and decide to invest in a Brisbane apartment for sale to cater to their long-term stay. As far as the finances are concerned, both choices are viable.

Laid Back Lifestyle

Lastly, expats move to Australia for a change of lifestyle. The culture in the Land Down Under is very laid back. Work-life balance is easy to achieve, even in stressful career paths like medicine.

The weather helps in this regard, too. Far from the UK weather that’s almost always frigid, Australia provides expats a warm environment where they can enjoy the beach.

These reasons make it obvious why Australia is an attractive destination for expats. If the country continues to generate more job opportunities, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the expat population doubles or triples over the years.

Terohan Nula