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Wedding album design has become a significant source of revenue for many photographers. If you’ve been to bridal shows recently, you’ll be surprised by the spotlight on professional wedding albums lately. Many brides choose their photographer based on the quality of their wedding albums. Here are a few tips to create one-of-a-kind albums that your clients will adore.

The Style Options

There are two basic style categories, flush mount and matted styles. Both look beautiful and elegant bound in leather but only flush mounted albums provide you with enough options and flexibility to deviate from the template. Often called “magazine style,” they are more versatile, allowing you to explore your imagination and graphic design skills.

The best albums tell a story, and with every wedding, there is a unique story to be told. Begin by creating a timeline consisting of the wedding events, and pick your favorite image for each. Keep a good photo workflow. It’s nice to open an album and have the first few spreads display images of the bride and groom preparing in their respective rooms. As you keep turning the page, the album takes you through the whole wedding, including highlights and special moments, and ends with the bride and groom leaving under a shower of grain.

Don’t stress yourself out too much thinking about the flow, though. The album images should drive the process. It helps to keep the album design when you do your actual wedding photography. Have specific images in mind, such as buttoning cufflinks, applying the makeup, or preparing the gown.

Capture plenty of detail shots throughout the event, such as flower arrangements, shoes, rings, decorations, candles, and more. They make great complimentary filler images for album page spreads.

Get inspiration from the web, and take note of some of the stunning album work designed by industry leaders. After completing your first professional wedding album design, take the finished sample with you as the perfect way to display your work and win clients.

Terohan Nula