August 25, 2019
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Jumping humpback whalesWestern Australia covers an area the size of Western Europe. It is 2.5 million square kilometres of pure awesome. In this part of the planet, you will not run out of interesting things to see or do.

But, if you ever find yourself in West Australia’s big but gentle embrace, only one thing should occupy the top of your to-do list: whale watching.

Whale watching in West Australia, which you can actually do through the services of companies such as All Sea Charters, is the world’s longest whale watching season. You have an entire seven months to enjoy extraordinary views of the ocean’s mildest giants.

Just who are these mild giants?

Humpback Whales

Most will not consider them the biggest whale species (that honour goes to the blue whale), but humpback whales are gigantic nonetheless. If you remember the school bus, you rode for years in grade school, which is about their size. Yes, they can swallow an entire class of school graders.

But they will not because they are nice. If you get lucky, you might even hear these whales singing melodic songs or see them doing underwater acrobatics that is simply out of this world.

Southern Right Whales

If there is one thing you need to know about Southern Right Whales, it is this: they are the mighty owners of the animal kingdom’s biggest balls. That is a pair of one-tonne balls. It only follows that they are slow swimmers.

Southern Right Whales are also known for acrobatics such as their headstand trick done by tipping the length of their body upside down, balls probably up in the air, all so you, dear visitor, could have the time of your life.  Now that is what you call dedication.

Come See them Whales

Whale migration from the Southern Ocean to the Kimberly Coast begins in May. You have until December to catch a glimpse of this spectacular natural phenomenon. No words are sufficient to convey how great of an experience it is, but wow.

Terohan Nula