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SingaporeSingapore is one of the most visited countries in the world. With a lot of amazing attractions, a beautiful skyline, and a dynamic culture to offer, this former fishing village definitely makes it to the top spot of travellers’ bucket lists. This 2015, you have even more reasons to visit the Lion City. Here are some of the things that will definitely send you packing and flying to Singapore:

That Much-Needed Good Luck

It is not too late to improve your luck this year. What better way to increase your luck than visiting Singapore’s Guardian of Prosperity, the Merlion? Pay this iconic statue a visit in Asia’s Favourite Playground.

Tour coordinators from Sentosa Merlion suggest going on an adventure and finding Gold Merlion Statues. These souvenirs are charms that will bring fortune to you and the family. Also, do not miss the opportunity to ring the Prosperity Bell. You may do this as a family as your own little ceremony of welcoming luck into your life.

The Nationwide Party

Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence this 2015. The National Day Parade will be happening on August 9 and you certainly cannot miss this big event. Local organisers say the parade aims to promote a more intense sense of national pride. Expect a colourful celebration of Singaporean culture and history in the Golden Jubilee event.

The Biggest Sports Event

Singapore is known for its breath-taking landmarks, but its brand new Singapore Sports Hub has been the talk of the town (literally, the world). Dubbed as the best sports building at the 2014 World Architecture Festival, it is set to host of the biggest sports event of the year, the 2015 ASEAN Games in June. Be part of sports history by witnessing this one-of-a-kind event.

Singapore is packed with fun activities this 2015 for wanderlust-stricken souls. Do not dare miss the opportunity to explore the Lion City. Book your trip, pack your bags and experience the zest and delight of Singaporean culture!

Terohan Nula