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Travel Buddies

Travel BuddiesTravelling with friends is fun. It offers you an opportunity to know more about them. Likewise, it is their chance to discover more things about you. But, sometimes, such discoveries can be ugly. You will find out that one of your pals has the habit of leaving the loo unflushed and the other uses your sunscreen without your permission.

You can tolerate their quirks, all right. But, what about them? Can they tolerate yours? If you want to ensure the smooth sailing of your trip, start with yourself; do not exasperate your companions.

Below are some pointers you need to keep in mind:

Share Your Talent

Every person in the group has something to share. Travelling will be much easier if everyone is willing to do what they are best at. If you are good at finding deals and customised holiday packages, take the initiative to arrange the trip. Do not be someone who just waits for the flight schedule without lifting a finger.

Be Sensitive

You do not have every assurance that your travelling style will be the same as your friends’. You may be always on the go, while they do things at a leisurely pace. Be sensitive and try to adjust to their pace. Do not, however, overdo it. If your adjustment keeps you from making the most of the trip, you can always ask their permission to leave the group for a while and wander on your own.

Voice Your Opinion

Do not just resort to responses ‘Whatever you like’ or ‘I do not really mind’ if you are asked to voice out your opinion on a matter. Your travel mates will surely get annoyed with you, as your nonchalance on the decision-making adds burden to their existing responsibilities.

Always Give them a Heads-Up

Want to wander alone? Tell your friends about your plan. It is you and your friends’ responsibility to look after one another. Do not leave them worrying about you; speak to them or leave a note. The same principle applies to circumstances when you need to borrow something from them.

Become a better travel companion with these tips. In cases where arguments are inevitable, keep your cool and look at the matter from an objective perspective.

Terohan Nula