August 23, 2019
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An aerial view of Salt Lake CityAre you thinking of moving to a new place? Salt Lake City should be a top contender on your list, what with its beautiful mountains, parkland, and architecture. It is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, too.

Aside from having a room with a view, here are the other reasons you should consider moving to this city:

Job opportunities

The housing market is booming in the city, and it has one of the lowest unemployment rates on record – just 3.5%. You can also easily get a mortgage for your new home. You can ask assistance from mortgage planners like City Creek Mortgage to help you in the whole loan process.

The best mountains in the west

The spectacular mountains provide a wonderful backdrop for the city and make it a sought-after tourist destination. The tallest mountain here is the Grandview Peak, which towers over 9,400 feet above the sea level. The area has an impressive amount of snowfall during the winter months. This and its terrain make it the perfect venue for winter sports.

No shortage of parks

If high impact sports are not your thing, your whole family can still enjoy the great outdoors by hanging out in public parks. Sugar House Park, for example, has over 110 acres of land and even has an amphitheater with 220 seats.

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake City is the venue for the world’s largest LDS temple, a must-see for history buffs and lovers of architecture. Dedicated in April 1893, the spectacular building took four decades to complete.

Outdoor cinema and legendary fast-food diners

If none of those pursuits appeals to you, and eating out or watching movies is what you want, residents here have their own open-air cinema. They also enjoy the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) branch, opened by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. There is also Ruth’s Diner, another mainstay hat opened in 1930.

If you want to experience both city and outdoor life, Salt Lake City in Utah may be the best place for you.

Terohan Nula