August 25, 2019
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Singapore skyline at the Marina during twilightSingapore is the best place to go for business and leisure at separate times, especially if you are going to attractions such as Sentosa – The State of Fun. But do you know that you can have both on a trip?

For the past years, many business travellers have jumped on the trend of “bleisure” trips – an amalgamation of business and leisure. Popular destinations include Singapore given its significance in the business world as well as its wonderful tourist offerings.

You can learn how to plan a bleisure trip in the island-city from the guide below.

Set Your Schedule

You can only have a smooth, relaxing, and enjoyable bleisure trip when you plan for it carefully. You can ask your company for any policies about mixing business with leisure. You can ask for approval as well to prevent any last-minute business calls during your leisure time.

Next, you can schedule your business tasks to the minute. You can then have a better idea of your leisure time.

Choose Attractions and Activities

Once you have your schedule set, you can list the places you want to visit and make a travel itinerary. Of course, you have to consider the length of your stay in such places, travel time, mealtimes and other activities you have to spend your time on.

Choose only a few attractions for you to enjoy every second of your visit.

Pack the Right Clothes

You can also plan your luggage accordingly. You can wear outfits twice to prevent over-packing. At the same time, if a casual dress code is acceptable during your business, you can easily switch between work and play by wearing the same clothes.

Sneak in Some Leisure

Sometimes, business simply takes up most of your time. You can still sneak in a few hours after or before work to savour a little bit of Singapore. You can skip hotel meals to try out the local food. You can choose to lodge near attractions you want to visit so that you can easily reach them when you can.

With the guide above, you can finally do both business and leisure in Singapore next time.

Terohan Nula