August 25, 2019
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There’s an indescribable kind of magic when the sun sets. The world glimmers with a bright light and brilliant colour, even if just for an instant before the darkness sets in. Although the sun setting is a daily event, it remains one of the finest natural wonders. One of the best places to watch the sunset is Sydney. Through booking an accommodation near Sydney’s harbour, you can observe vivid shades reflect off glass skyscrapers, creating a kaleidoscopic display. This, though, isn’t the only great thing about the city. There’s never a shortage of fun in Sydney, a beautiful place that begs exploration.

Observe the Unique Culture in Sydney

Catch the performance of Carmen by Handa Opera on a temporary stage on the Sydney Harbour. The staff members transform the grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden into a Spanish tavern, where they serve sparkling wine, tapas, and coffee at kiosks and on rustic barrel stools and tables. There’s always a show taking place at the city’s Opera House, which is worth a visit for the pre- and post-show views of the harbor and acoustics.

Relax and Go to the Beach

The ferry ride to the Sydney suburb of Manly is among the city’s most affordable and best ways to view its beautiful harbour. This is why many tourists look for a Sydney CBD accommodation, as nearby boats allow for a quick ride to stroll along the charming beach town’s public beach. You just have to pick up a beach towel, sunscreen, and anything else you need at the many surf shops lining the town’s main drag.

Run at the Royal Botanic Garden and the Domain

The Royal Botanic Garden and Domain is a massive garden that stretches from the city’s central business district and harbour to Woolloomooloo’s wharfs. A trail that runs from the Opera House to Woolloomooloo is a great spot for joggers and runners. It’s also a serene place to spend an afternoon and stroll around with friends and family.

Look for accommodations near the Sydney Harbour Bridge to watch the light show or see the sun set behind the bridge. Sydney is more than just home to beautiful beaches and great spots to catch the sunset. You’re guaranteed a good time with the sun and the beach while enjoying the company of your friends and family. As for what to do, the possibilities are endless. Visit the city to experience it firsthand.

Terohan Nula