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perfect bicycle trips

perfect bicycle tripsLocated in Chelan Country, Washington, Leavenworth is a beautiful city that offers tourists and visitors a glimpse of another country: Germany. Its Tudor revival architecture, vibrant Bavarian village, and annual Bavarian Christmas Celebration all show the best of the German culture. The city also offers a variety of tours, a museum of nutcrackers, and different wine-tasting rooms, which make it popular for holding one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations in the US.

Leavenworth isn’t only a city with a culture, but an adventurous and recreational spot in the Pacific North. The place features hundreds of miles of forest and mountain trails, making it perfect for a fun bicycle adventure and vacation. Here are some of the city’s amazing trails:

Freund Canyon

One of the best trails in Leavenworth, Freund Canyon is a narrow single track trail that offers fun jumping burms and slopes. The trail is 8.30 miles long which can take up to 2 hours on a biking trip. When taking Freund Canyon, follow the dirt road from the gate to its end at 1.4 miles. Then, go around the right side of the large slash pile to reach the top of the ridge. Don’t forget to pause for a moment at the top, as the panoramic views of the Leavenworth valley and the surrounding orchards offer an amazing sightseeing opportunity.

Wenatchee River Road

A perfect place for nature lovers, this trail offers environmental wonders and great views of the Wenatchee River. Wenatchee River trail cruises along the Wenatchee River and travels through the lowland forests of Leavenworth. To take the Wenatchee River trail, follow the road to the right, passing the Forest Service gate. When you see a red house near a lime green barn, go through the area. Then, follow the road down to the Wenatchee River. The road meanders up and down with swimming holes at every turn, so be extra careful when you reach this part of the trail. The road ends at the “No Trespassing” on the corner.

Other than the Freund Canyon and the Wenatchee River Road, Leavenworth offers other trails perfect for cycling and mountain biking. Icicle Road, Nason Ridge, Pole Ridge, Lower Chinawa Trail, and Devil’s Gulch feature an exhilarating experience perfect for adventurers. So come and visit Leavenworth and see why it offers some of the best Bicycle tours and adventure in the US.

Terohan Nula