August 21, 2019
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City of London at nightFor many people, the prospect of travelling or studying abroad can be truly exciting. What stops the same people from pulling through with it is that the exercise of travelling abroad can be extremely costly. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are many ways to save up while living in London.

From Central London hostels to many side gigs, here are three biggest and best tips for budget living in London.

1. Avoid Restaurants

As one of the foremost capitals in the world, London’s restaurants have striven for world-class quality. Unfortunately, this usually comes with equally world-class prices. The best way to save up on expenses is to cook for yourself at the place you stay.

Not only can you better budget for your food, but a single cooked meal can last you much longer. If you do need to eat out, there are more affordable street side eateries that you can go for.

2. Simplify Accommodations

It’s easy to be tempted to stay at campus accommodations or fancy hotels, but that is one of the biggest drain on your finances. Central London hostels offer an affordable alternative – and one that is pretty attractive, too.

Many of these are very well maintained and of top quality. Additionally, there’s the benefit of being able to stay in London’s central district close to all the necessary establishments to live comfortably.

3. Get Work

It’s relatively easy to get a decent paying job in London – appealing prospects for budget travellers or students. It doesn’t have to be a full-time job either. One can opt for waiting on tables, performing deliveries, as well as temp office work.

It isn’t going to pay too much but is perfect for saving up a little bit on the side for better budgeting. This is especially appealing to students at and around the local universities.

There you go; some things to make London-living a little bit affordable. Have fun!

Terohan Nula