July 23, 2019
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Retail giant Tesco is changing the way people define social drinking. The company has just launched a “socially-created” wine fashioned by the grocer’s community online. The beverage, which will be made with South African grapes, will also support the Enaleni community to create a better future by using what the region has to offer.

wine grapesSocial Media People as Wine Connoisseurs

The initial step for this effort is to invite wine bloggers and some individuals from Tesco’s online community to a wine-tasting event. The company gave the invitees five types of wine to taste. All the grapes used to make the wines come from the Enaleni community that could not afford to market its own goods.

The Social Media Campaign

The invitees vote on which of the choices they believe should be on Tesco shelves. The company also initiated a social media campaign to solicit name suggestions and design ideas from people. The agency We Are Social has also created an application that will be on the grocer’s Facebook page, where the people can post their suggestions. The winning entry will be able to go to South Africa.

James Griswood, the product development manager at Tesco, said the campaign is more than just about producing a bottle of wine. It’s about helping a community.

Terohan Nula