Business womanFrom Sydney to Brisbane, street food will always be a popular type of grub. It is easily accessible to everyone. From local fish and chips to meat pies, find your favourite comfort food and start eating.

It is wise to invest in the food industry and if you want to start your own street food business, choose from a rented stall, food cart or food truck.

Rented Stalls

The safest choices is to set up a food stall. This can be as easy as getting a permit to start operating or somewhat harder if the place you want to set up the stall in is far from your home. Food stalls come in different sizes; choose the right size to help you sell more food in a day.

Another option is to join events, conventions or exhibits where you can rent a stall. For these events, a Brisbane truck for hire can help you transfer all your tools, ingredients and prepared food to the site.

Food Carts

Of course, if you cannot get your own stall, go for the more economical method: sell on a food cart. Build your own food cart or find companies that design, build and maintain carts.

Food carts are perfect for selling fairy floss, gelato or sandwiches. The only constraint is you have to do the legwork. The cart may also have a limited capacity, so you can only sell a certain amount.

Food Truck

Food trucks offer another choice: sell food on wheels. The best thing about this is that it combines the best of both worlds: get the capacity of a stall and the mobility of a cart.

Retrofit an old vehicle to make it more appropriate for the venture. There are several of these for hire as well.

To start earning, create a good menu and know the best spots. Park the truck and wait for the customers to come.

Some food truck vendors even band together to get more attention. With other food trucks around, people easily notice the food choices and will try them out.

Street food will always be a favourite because they are readily available. Play your cards right and your street food business will be a success.