Online Marketing ProfessionalSearch engine optimization (SEO) welcomes change every year. As search engines continue to improve their services for users, it becomes more complicated for websites to remain in their rankings. Your job as an online marketing professional is to adapt to these changes. Keeping your rank in search results is crucial to the amount of site visits your company’s website will get daily.

What is so important for the success of your business is to keep your online marketing techniques up to date. You need to keep learning new techniques and familiarise yourself with newer concepts that can help maintain your position in search results. Here are some things you should bank on this year, as emphasized by SEO experts in London.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In this day and age of wireless connections and mobile gadgets, Internet connection has become a staple part of everyone’s lives. Before, it would take quite a bit of time just to simply load one web page. If your website still suffers this problem today, you are most likely to lose potential leads. Some websites nowadays rely on practical solutions such as AMPs to help speed up the loading of content.

Branding Goes Online

Sticking true to your brand is not only a noble trait for a company but now also appealing to search engines. Personal branding allows you to stand out in a space that is crowded with competition. A new way SEO experts see as valuable to keeping your rankings is using personal branded URLs. These types of links allow users to easily remember the company or associate it with the brand. When they trust the brand, they are more likely to click or share these branded links to their network.

Continuously learning more about SEO not only helps your website but your company overall. Make sure you are at least up to date or better yet, ahead of the crowd when it comes to SEO techniques.