Getting the Best People to Work for YouThese days, no business can afford to not have a website. Sure, social media is a viable option if you’re only after reach and engagement, or building a community that will be loyal to your brand. However, for businesses operating in Perth or anywhere in Australia who want to reach a wider audience and establish a solid online portfolio, building a good, optimised website is the way to go.

However, it’s important to pick the right team to work with you on your website, especially if you’re too busy or not skilled enough to work on it alone. Here are five core roles that the members of your website’s A-team must fulfill.

  1. Copywriter. It’s an oft-repeated phrase, but one that is no less true now than it was a decade or two ago: Content is king. With solid web architecture populated by high-quality and optimised content, your website will capture the voice of your brand to a T —and the unwavering loyalty of your customers as well.
  2. Web designer. The visual elements of your website play a critical role in determining how long your site’s visitors will stay on your page. Top web designers from believe that a cluttered web design means an instant turn-off —and that’s what your web designers can help you with.
  3. SEO specialist. Search rankings remain ever-important in making sure that your website stays visible to your target market. An SEO specialist can make sure you’re using the right keywords to appear on the first pages of Google or any other search engine.
  4. Mobile developer. Google has started imposing strict penalties on websites that are not mobile-friendly; thus, it pays to hire a mobile developer so that your site can be functional and accessible, even for mobile users.
  5. Web developer. The backbone of your website, of course, is the code that powers it. Your web developers will take care of making sure that your site is up and running, offering all the functionality and services that your clientele are looking for.

With these five critical members of your website development team, you can count on your website becoming a force to be reckoned with in the ever-expanding digital landscape.