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A significant portion of online clients nowadays uses handheld devices to browse the Internet. Having a conventional one-size-fits-all design will significantly hamper your marketing efforts. You should ensure that your webpage appropriately fits the user’s screen regardless of its size.

Thankfully, an expert in responsive web design like CreativoMedia can make this a reality. This design changes to fit the screens of your web visitors. Here are some of the strategies your designer might recommend when designing your responsive webpage.

Deciding on Content Before Your Design

Design and content flourish when developed simultaneously. However, before you pick your design, plan the content. This strategy allows you to have an idea of how the content fits into your bigger picture. From here, you will decide on the material that will ultimately boost your bottom line and integrate it into the design that you will pick.

Paying Attention to Your Navigation

Navigation serves as the roadmap through your site and allows easy access to vital information. For your website’s desktop versions, you can include visible links to all essential web pages. The typical navigation used on handheld devices is a hamburger icon in which the links are hidden behind. To avoid frustrating your customers, you can have both visible links and hamburger icons for handheld devices.

Designing for Mobile Devices First

Designing for mobile devices is one of the most challenging things in responsive web design. You can consider starting with this to see how your texts, images, and other design elements will look on small screens. If all parts have no issues on small screens, then they will flawlessly adapt to large screens.

With the given approaches, your final web design will have a handsome ROI. Since a responsive design boosts user experience, it will ultimately improve your SEO rank. Opting for any other model in today’s cutthroat competition will only leave you pursuing your competitors.

Terohan Nula