July 21, 2018
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Photo of Invisalign

When someone comes across a term they don’t understand relating to their dental treatment, it can be unsettling. However, people are often tempted to just breeze past and pretend they know rather than admit to a gap in their knowledge. This is natural behaviour, but it can lead to misunderstandings. That’s why it’s handy to […]

Woman holding an Invisalign teeth straightener

A straight smile is a physical attribute highly coveted by many. Recent studies have shown that the condition of the teeth is a strong indicator of a person’s professionalism, competence and trustworthiness in their respective fields. To address an uneven smile, Orthodontists would often recommend metal braces to their patients. Long gone are the days, […]


Invisalign can correct simple misalignment or crookedness of your teeth. You can use the alignment system as an alternative to metal braces or ceramic braces. Many people today choose Invisalign over braces for its many benefits. It is, however, not without discomfort. Here in Gainsborough, Invisalign braces are becoming more and more popular. The discomfort […]