February 16, 2019
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Image of a young girl wearing dental braces

If you’ve been longing to have a straight smile, you probably know that wearing braces is the right approach. The problem is you’re worried or scared about how having braces can affect your appearance or your food choices. Most of the misconceptions or stereotypes about orthodontics, from having a metal mouth to pain and discomfort, […]


When someone comes across a term they don’t understand relating to their dental treatment, it can be unsettling. However, people are often tempted to just breeze past and pretend they know rather than admit to a gap in their knowledge. This is natural behaviour, but it can lead to misunderstandings. That’s why it’s handy to […]

a woman with a great smile

Very often, cosmetic dentistry in Belfast happens in small treatments to fix problems as they occur, such as a chip or staining. But sometimes, people who have been too afraid to go to the dentist or have somehow let their teeth get into quite a state will need more than just a single treatment, they […]

a smiling woman

Modern dentists can provide different ways to straighten the teeth. The treatments are considerate and comfortable, and they minimise any social embarrassment for the patient by using innovative, low-visibility materials. Available now from Surrey dentists like Weybridge Orthodontics in Weybridge, Incognito is a tooth realignment appliance with a difference. Instead of attaching to the front […]


Good oral hygiene is important in maintaining good health. This remains true as we get older. Recent studies have shown that gum disease is linked to chronic health issues, such as stroke and coronary artery disease. Going to your dentist regularly can help identify and treat gum disease not just to keep your mouth healthy, […]