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Man Laying Over A Concrete FloorFor many Americans, winter is just about to come, and what better way to face the cold winter days by being prepared for the worst? This includes not just your winter attire, home heaters, and insulators. K&E Flatwork says that you also need to maintain your exteriors, particularly your concrete slabs. 

Keep your concrete flatwork in your Kansas City home looking good as new despite the harsh winter weather. Here are some maintenance tips you can immediately follow before the cold season starts. 

1. Keep it clean all the time.

Cleanliness is one of the secrets for longevity and durability of any material. Regardless of the weather, keep your concrete flatwork clean all the time. Sweeping daily and regularly cleaning it can make a huge difference. 

2. Avoid using a de-icer.

De-icers are commonly used during the winter to help the snow melt faster. While it is truly effective in quickly melting excess snow, the chemicals seep into the concrete making it prone to scaling and spalling. Instead of using de-icing chemicals, opt for more concrete friendly sand and kitty litter which also gets the job done. 

3. Have it sealed before winter. 

Be thoroughly prepared and have your concrete sealed before the winter season approaches. Sealing helps prevent moisture from entering the concrete slab which reduces the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles inside the concrete.  Have a professional help you do the job. 

4. Make sure your concrete drains well.

Frequent freezing and thawing can have detrimental  effects on different kinds of concrete slabs.  Ponding water increases the frequency of freeze/thaw cycles so it is important that exterior concrete drains well.

5. Avoid using steel tools including shovels and snow blades to clear snow off of your concrete slabs.  It causes rust stains that can be difficult to remove.

Some people think that concrete is built and designed to survive the outdoor climate, but that does not mean proper care and maintenance should not be done. Keep your concrete flatwork well maintained and see how long it will last.

Terohan Nula