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Map of RockportThere are many great reasons to live in Rockport, a coastal city in Aransas County, Texas. Surrounded by gorgeous bodies of water including Aransas Bay and Copano Bay, Rockport is gifted with a cool, pleasant and stable weather.

The city boasts of a good educational system and amenities that cater to various groups. And with a cost of living that is 6% lower than the US average; many people choose to own a home in Rockport.

Great Rockport Home Values

Homeowners in Rockport enjoy a steady increase in the value of their property, which has improved at a rate of 40% in the last 10 years. According to the city's official property valuation report, the average home price is $236,154 while the median home price is $177,970.

Rockport homeowners are also assured of equal and uniform home tax as upheld by the state of Texas, and no single property should pay more than its fair share of taxes calculated based on current market value.

Choose your Own Rockport Crib

Various types of homes for sale in Rockport include:

Single or Multi-family homes 

Single to two-storey houses or duplex-style houses with two or more bedrooms. Most of these homes have built-in or adjacent garages, large yards and gated entrances. Size is anywhere from 500 square feet to 3,000 square feet.

Coastal homes 

Classic and contemporary beachfront houses are popular in Rockport as second homes for transients or vacation homes for tourists. They are adjacent to the city's various sports fishing, skiing, sailing, and kayaking spots.

Resort homes

Rockport has always been a popular resort destination, and its many resort homes offer lush surroundings and wildlife views. Many residents live in resort homes along Pelican Bay and Kontiki Beach.

Whether it’s a million-dollar resort home or a median priced single family suburban house, home ownership in Rockport is one of the best property investments you can make whether as a permanent home, a summer or winter place or as a rental business. 

Terohan Nula