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a truck on the roadWith their resilience and power, tipper trucks are meant for transporting stones, ballast, concrete, demolition waste, gravel and other loose materials found in the construction site.

There are various types of dumper and tipper trucks available today. With their availability in various shapes and sizes, these heavy machines make your construction project easier so that you can get better results. That said, Bison Equipment cites the three types of tipper trucks you should consider.

Standard Tipper

Like most tipper trucks, this type operates on a hydraulic system. That means it uses a fluid and high pressure to operate its lifting function. Various standard tipper trucks have different capacities based on the power that they generate. The standard tipper truck has an average capacity of between 10-15 tons, but it can go up to 35 or 40 tons.

Semi-Trailer Tipper Truck

This type has a unique shape and design that consist of a dump body and a trailer at the back of the truck. The advantage of this truck is that it has an enormous capacity and it handles the toughest jobs better when compared to a conventional tipper. However, the stability of this truck is a little off compared to the other types of trucks. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are working on a well-done ground.

Side Dump Trucks

This type provides multiple ways of transporting and disposing of materials. Unlike the other tipper trucks that use a vertical dumping position, this truck has a sideways dumping position on both sides. This versatile tipper truck is handy, particularly if you are working on tight job sites that need huge load capacities.

Above are among the essential tipper trucks that you need to know about. The trucks come in various sizes and designs to suit different construction sites and requirements. Talk to a reliable equipment rental company to make sure you get the best tipper truck for your project.

Terohan Nula