April 22, 2019
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Planning family time is difficult in a fast-paced present. Your loved ones have work, school, errands, or other personal tasks to think about, and these activities take up much of everyone’s schedule every day. Spending quality time with the family is difficult, but it is still possible if you and your family members try simple solutions.

Organize Your Time Together

You all have your daily tasks, making it difficult to schedule activities during free time. Instead of playing it by ear, why not use technology to compile everyone’s to-do list and find your common free time?

Family calendar organizer apps simplify listing and viewing of everyone’s agenda so that it will be easier to schedule time together. Synchronizing scheduled activities and quality time has never been easier with a tap of a mobile phone or a click on your computer.

Have Meals Together

Try to have at least one meal a day together, especially if you have children. Multiple studies have found that meals with the family have significant effects on children’s long-term physical and mental health.

In one study, children who ate meals with their family by the age of six had better social skills and physical fitness by the age of 10 compared to children who rarely ate with their family. Another study learned that children who ate with their family at least thrice a week were less likely to be overweight.

Set Aside One Weekend Day

Try to set one weekend as a family day: no errands, no work, just quality time spent with each other. You do not have to spend or go outside. Stay in and have all your meals together, play sports or board games, try to talk to each other and see how everyone is doing. Spending time like this will mean a lot for your stress levels and add to a healthy lifestyle.

Find a solution you and your family members can work with. You do not need to put a lot of money and effort to make memorable and meaningful quality time. Despite everyone’s hectic schedules, it is necessary for families to spend time together.

Terohan Nula