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a teacher with her student while writing

Reading books is as important as ever. The love for books starts at a young age and is carried through adulthood. On the flip side, getting children to write is just as important.

Like Studentreasures Publishing and other publishing companies, there are initiatives to encourage children to publish their works even at a young age. The satisfaction of being a published author is an accomplishment that kids would enjoy. They would be reminded of it every time they start writing, as well as when they pick up their published work.


It's difficult to get a book printed by an established publishing house. There are high standards due to the intense competition to be published.

One avenue open for everyone is self-publishing. An author goes to the printer and publishes a run of their own books. The author is also responsible for marketing and promoting the book. The promotional part of self-publishing is a lot easier than before. With the Internet, it's easy to get the word out and entice people. The cost of publication may be higher, but the satisfaction of being published is real.

The Story is the Key

As with any other type of publishing, the book needs a story. It has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It has to be gripping over the course of the book. It should have conflict, engaging characters, and a theme.

To keep the book readable and entertaining, it has to have memorable characters. The book needs a goal to keep it moving. And it should have a design that includes fonts and various graphics. Depending on your goals, the book can have a full-page graphic at the start of each chapter or a small image within pages. Moreover, the graphics can be outsourced or the author can create his own.

Self-publishing gives any would-be author a chance to have their works take a physical form. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't go well at the start. It will eventually be recognized.

Terohan Nula