November 18, 2018
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Photo shoot

Photo shootPosing for a photo (in the most appealing way) is never an easy thing to do at first. You might wonder how models do it, but what you need to know is they also had a rocky start. Getting the right pose that makes you not want to delete the photo afterwards can be different for everyone. There are some moves, however, that can make a person look more flattering on the end result.

It takes some practice, but once you get used to these techniques, you’ll sure have no problems when working with your photographers for your shoot in Salt Lake City.

The Chin Forward

Pulling off that relaxed look while concentrating on a specific position can be challenging. Once you accomplish it, though, you will not have to worry about that dreaded double chin effect. Your relaxed state will always leave you with that chin down look. This time, for portraits, try to nudge your head or at least your chin a little forward. It can be an instant trick to lose that double chin. Now, you simply need to master looking comfortable doing it.

The Angle Arm

It can be uncomfortable not knowing what to do with your arms in a photo shoot. Leaving it all down, however, pushes the meat in your bones and makes your arms appear wider than they are. A quick fix is to simply lift your arm away from your body to form an angle. Rest your hands on your hips lightly to alleviate some tension. This can instantly shed some pounds off your photo and also help you look better in your outfit.

Practice makes everything perfect, so try these tricks in front of a mirror until you have mastered the tricks. Most importantly, learn to relax and not overthink how the photos will turn up. You would be surprised at how your confidence will drastically change in each of your photos.

Terohan Nula