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Hand Sketching About SEO ConceptMany small businesses pay special attention to social media as their way of advertising to their target market. While this should be part of your game plan as an owner, manager or marketing head, it should not be everything. There should be a healthy combination of both traditional and digital marketing – and digital marketing should not be all about social media.

Here are some ideas on how to improve your interaction with possible customers or clients.

Not just Facebook

In many cases, the only advertising a small business engages in is through Facebook or a similar social network. There is a way to do this right, however. First of all, are you sure the social network you’re using is also the one your market is using? Are you engaging your followers (customers) or simply posting and hoping for likes and shares? Then, of course, there is the matter of having a website. It’s not just social media you should focus on. A website is an important part of marketing. It’s one of the marks of a serious business in this day and age.

Befriend the search engines

Speaking of website and social network, don’t forget to use search engine optimisation (SEO). Google has become a lot more intelligent, and its focus is to serve up web pages that it thinks may be of the most help to the searcher. With SEO, your website has a better chance of being served up more often, considerably increasing your customer engagement and possible sales.

Meet the people

Depending on what kind of business you’re in, you may benefit from organising a sales event. This is a chance for customers to meet your team, try your products and ask questions. Of course, this is also an opportunity to sell more. When you organise a sales event, make sure you put someone in charge who is detail-oriented, to improve your event’s chances of success. Details like location, food (if needed), sound system, security (such as temporary fence hire in Christchurch) and even colours all work together to attract people and make the event successful.

The basics of marketing and advertising are not hard to understand. But the use of what works may take more experience, dedication and common sense.

Terohan Nula