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The money you will make while running a business is currently in the hands of someone else. In other words, you need to make sales to generate revenue, which is the lifeblood of your entire operations. You must convince people to pick your products over a competitor’s every time they are out shopping.

In a tough market, it all boils down to who practices the most persuasion when marketing their products. Taking your staff to sales training courses, for instance, is a sure way to refine and polish your sales and marketing process. Frosch Learning and other experts explain that this enables you to make all the right moves and grow your market share.

Talk to the right people

To filter unnecessary pitches and save time, many business executives employ gatekeepers. In most cases, this might be lower ranking employees in an organisation. As their job security depends on their ability to shield their bosses from unsolicited callers, such people take their jobs seriously.

They will weigh any sales pitch that lands on their desk before bringing it to their bosses. In most cases, the boss is the decision maker. Therefore, you need to convince these employees that your proposal is indeed worth their bosses’ attention before it can ever get to them. Otherwise, they will cast your request with another non-descript sales pitches.

Craft the perfect sales pitch

Business executives often have their plates full and the last thing they need is a vague business proposition. Poorly crafted pitches often leave prospects guessing and that translates to work. A perfect pitch expresses your offer efficiently, leaving no room for errors and second-guessing.

It portrays you as a professional who is on top of their game, much to the delight of your prospects. A well-crafted pitch addresses their pain points while offering an effective solution. In other words, it is not about your need to land a sale, but rather about solving a specific problem for your prospects.

An effective sales strategy is at the heart of every successful business. It enables you to grow your sales, increase your market share and increase revenue.

Terohan Nula