April 22, 2019
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Audience Listening To A SpeakerWhen introducing a new product to the market, you usually organise a huge event to promote it. The reason for this formal launch is to garner attention, attract followers and build new relationships, which in turn lead to increase in revenue.

The same principle should be applied when you are about to launch your new business. Though you can make announcements online, nothing is more beneficial than setting up an actual launch event as it can be the hottest ticket in town.

Here are tips for a successful business launch event.

Press kit and promotional materials

You need to promote your brand beyond the attendees so giving away a media kit can help provide information about your company to your audiences’ network. Do not forget to include promotional materials from key chains to mugs marked with your brand name.

Make sure to hire a company that offers professional screen printing system or solutions to make your logo stand out and your promotional products one-of-a-kind.

Food and beverage

Never leave your guests hungry during a launch so do serve food and drinks throughout the event. You can also hire a caterer for more menu options. Do remember, however, that what you serve will reflect your brand, so choose according to your company's style.

Also, do not forget to hire servers for proper food handling.

Choose your location wisely

You need the right venue for your launch so pick a location that is convenient for your target audience. The size and the setting matter, depending on the number of people attending, who should also be your potential customers. You might also consider inviting the press so accessibility should be a priority.

Do not organise the launch only a week after making your first announcement online or in the papers. Make sure to create teaser campaigns weeks or months ahead to keep your audience curious and interested.

Terohan Nula