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Construction Site

Construction SiteRenting a frame tent for temporary construction needs is a practical decision. However, be reminded that no matter how spacious it can be, a tent still offers limited space. Here are pointers for effectively maximizing your compact tent area.

Stock Up On Storage

Doing work in a construction tent means no set storage compartments within the structure. Purchase or obtain the necessary storage units for every department’s use. Ask your heads and managers to be specific with their requests for cabinets, shelves, iron boxes, etc. Make sure your storage items are compact and can help maximize the space.

Assign Areas

Try to follow your typical workflow when assigning areas for desks, tables, and office machines. Imagine the basic office space arrangements, despite being in a tent, and see how you can maximize the space without continuously bumping into things and into each other. Apresparty.com says frame tents don’t have any center poles, so you can use the space fully. Don’t just focus on making everything fit; make everything efficient.

Avoid Clutter

The biggest problem with compact spaces can be aggravated by small messes in the most inconvenient places. Keep tabs on the most used office items and make sure they are assigned spots for faster accessibility. Put up notes to remind everyone to keep their own items within their own tables and areas at all times. It will also help them be more efficient, since they won’t be wasting time searching for a “lost” item.

Manage Maintenance

Having tents replace an actual office doesn’t mean you set aside cleanliness and orderliness. Don’t forget to hire people to keep everything clean and well-maintained. They should also be in charge of repairs and upkeep. It doesn’t matter whether they are part of your permanent staff or you’ve hired a Minneapolis cleaning company, your construction tent rental should always be kept in pristine condition.

Rented tents are functional only if you make them so.  Remind your staff that they should treat it the same way they would treat a high-end office. It’s still your workplace, after all.

Terohan Nula