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A online shopping mobile appThe checkout process is the most critical when it comes to pushing conversions.

You’ve finally made them decide to buy your products, but you need to make sure you close that sale. Still, reaching the checkout page does not mean you will get conversions. As a fact, many people are abandoning their checkout carts if they find the checkout process complicated.

So, what are you doing wrong at checkout that annoys your shoppers and makes them abandon their cart? Let’s find out.

You have no guest checkout

Give consumers a way to complete their transaction without forcing them to setup an account. This just increases the number of steps they must do before making their purchase, thus the cart abandonment. Being distracted is the last thing you want your consumers to be, so avoid it at all costs and provide a guest checkout.

You have no safety symbols

Online purchases are full of risks, so you need to establish trust on your checkout page. Even if your site has an SSL certificate, shoppers feel comfortable when they see some logos or symbols they can trust.

You lack payment methods

You might lose customers if your checkout page does not accept multiple payment options. Accept as many methods of payment as possible, and be clear about the ones you do not accept. It’s best to show the logos of the companies you support so customers can easily choose what the most convenient payment for them is.

You hide the extra fees

When shoppers see the price of your product on your e-commerce site, they expect only to pay that exact amount. As soon as you toss in some hidden charges in the checkout page, they feel cheated, causing them to abandon their shopping cart. These hidden fees could be logistic fees or taxes that your customers are not aware of initially. Be more transparent about these so they would know what to expect when they go to the checkout page.

SEO Charlotte notes that making your checkout process a less of a headache is the greatest update you can do. It needs every bit of planning and thought just like each page in your website.

Terohan Nula