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An owner playing with his pet dogDifferent states have different views on things. What a resident of New York and a resident of California will agree on, however, is that pets deserve the best care possible. Though the culture and way of life vary in each state, you can still be a responsible owner wherever you are. 

If you happen to live in California, these are essential when caring for pets: 

An Animal Hospital's Number 

The weather in California may be too much for a pet sometimes. When it's too hot even for you, check that your pet is not showing signs of dehydration. If they seem to be experiencing some health problems, the number of an animal hospital in Silverlake likeangelcityvet.com or other nearby residences can come in handy. When you have a pet who's struggling to breathe, the last thing you want is to be searching frantically for a pet hospital to call. 

A Water Bottle for Your Walk

Walking your dog is one of the tasks you need to pencil in your schedule as a responsible owner. When you're out and about with an active pet, however, they might grow thirsty just as you would. You can easily stop by a store to get water for yourself, but what about your pet? You may not need to bring their favorite toys along for the walk, but don't forget their water bottle, so you'll have no problems giving them their much-needed hydration.

A Posh Costume 

What's LA without the lavish parties and lifestyle? If you're living in one of the neighborhoods with a $2000 monthly rent, someone's bound to throw a party here and there. You and your dog can join in on the fun–but not before you dress your beloved pet in something to match your own statement outfit. This isn't necessary, but wouldn't you want to turn heads when you and your pet walk in? 

Wherever you are in the world, the basic rules on caring for a pet apply. But if you're in California, keep these things in mind. 

Terohan Nula