April 22, 2019
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Thief holding money and laptop

Thief holding money and laptopMost companies transfer their businesses elsewhere to make sure they continue to profit and progress. Unfortunately, their enterprise can be endangered with some moving companies’ unscrupulous practices. This gives you more reason to be aware of such dubious methods which can cost you and your business more than just additional payments.

Here are things to look out for, according to a reputable moving van company:

Hidden Fees

Probably one of the most common ways of getting more money from customers by disreputable moving companies is adding small print miscellaneous charges to the final bill. Also, there would be the request for large deposits.

To avoid being victimized, make sure that you have read every part of the contract before signing. Do not be afraid to question any unclear and undefined entries. Sign only when all your queries have been answered.

Licensing Issues

If the moving company you rented has incomplete licenses, whether it’s a simple business permits or interstate licenses, your company is in danger of not receiving your packages on time. Heaven forbid that you would never see your package again, which can happen if they get impounded by the government. Ask your chosen movers for their licenses first before you make any final decisions. Make sure they are complete for your company’s moving requirements.

Last-Minute Changes

This kind of swindle comes in many forms. They can originally give you a very low estimate and when they’ve already loaded everything, they suddenly charge you beyond the price you’ve agreed on. It can be as simple as changing the basis of the rates from the weight of your cargo to the size of your items or even from measuring with cubic feet to cubic meters.

Your things are then held hostage until you pay the movers. Make sure you have a signed contract ready at all times. If they don’t provide one, your company should take the initiative to do so before the move.

Your business can be put in danger just by getting the wrong movers. That said; you should be particular with your choices. Remember, always check their background, customer feedback and partner companies before you make your final selection.

Terohan Nula