Friends Discussing a Mobile Freebie

Starting a business can be difficult. Challenges can arise even before an establishment opens. When it does, the trials don’t end — they change. One of which is making sure that your business makes a strong first impression on its opening ceremony. Let people know that your store has arrived! A proven way to achieve this is handing out exciting giveaways during the opening. Clueless on which ones to give? We have you covered.

Customized Magnets

Magnets are a safe freebie option because of its universal appeal and affordability. People can display it either at home or the office. Store recommends customized magnets. Get some that have the name and logo of your business for a brand promotion with magnetic retention.

Discount Cards

Discounts cards are a great incentive for potential customers to try out your product or service. They may even become loyal clients who will spread the good word about your business.

Free Sample Products

Everybody loves free things. Free sample products are one of the most common and most useful types of giveaways. Handing out a product for free during your store’s opening is a small price to pay if it means a loyal customer in return.


Give promotional shirts that bear the name and logo of your store on opening day. It will improve your business’s brand recall among the attendees of the ceremony. Plus, once a customer wears that shirt again in public, the name of your firm will reach even more people.

These are some giveaway ideas that are perfect for any business. Make sure to hand out freebies that fit the theme of your store opening to create a bigger impact.