Volunteer Service Through the SAFVCIf the country you love which has done everything for you, gave you a good education and stable job, and a magnificent home, beckons for your help, it is only appropriate that you answer its call.

Every nation on the planet has a story to tell. Many prosperous nations have gone through different periods of poverty, anarchy, skirmishes, and uncertainty. When they survived these obstacles and become affluent in the process, many of them discovered they have now become targets of various elements. It is only fitting that they provide themselves with sufficient defence mechanisms and encourage citizens to volunteer for their nation’s armed service. Such is the aim of the Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps or SAFVC program.

What is the program all about?

The program’s primary objective is to awaken the patriotic desire of every Singaporean citizen or permanent resident to defend their country. While Singapore may be small in area, it takes pride in being one of the wealthiest nations in Southeast Asia. The people live a high quality of life, enjoying amenities and benefits usually associated with first world countries in the western hemisphere. Because of its affluence, the country’s leaders are worried they might become targets of criminal or political elements. With a small population, it has become necessary for the country to call on its citizens to contribute to its defence.

What can you offer?

Everyone has something to offer, whether great or small. Even if you feel you have little to offer, the mere fact that you are volunteering in Singapore Armed Forces is already something. There are many roles you can take on in the SAFVC such as becoming one of those that secure Singapore’s borders. You can also serve as a doctor, nurse, engineer, legal assistant, and many other roles that would fit your abilities and skills. In fact, according to the Ministry of Communications and Information, the SAFVC echelon will match your expertise and skills to your military role.

What are the requirements?

At present, there are three qualifying requirements that applicants must fulfil. Obviously, you need to be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore to qualify for the SAFVC program. The armed forces cannot accept other nationalities to defend the country because their loyalty certainly belongs somewhere else. There is no restriction to gender as the SAFVC program accepts both males and females. You are qualified if you are anywhere between 18 and 45 years old, though service is only up to 50 years old.

If you wish to extend your service, you can always try applying for the Reservist on Voluntary Extended Reserve Service or ROVERS program. As long as you believe you have something to offer for the country you love, nothing can stop you from rendering service. This is a fitting response to the call to arms cry made by the country that nurtured and gave you everything.