Group of businessman on a celebration party top viewHow many times have you planned for a company event already? By this time it is not surprising that you are running low on ideas. But the company events never end, and you will need to come up with something new and exciting soon.

Forget recycling ideas. Here are unique and timely ones you can organise soon:

A Day Tour

Australia has several destinations worth a visit even if your company is full of local employees. It is always a treat to reconnect with nature, and the road to the destination is just as interesting as the landmarks themselves. You might want to get in contact with coach charter companies like Concord Coaches before you finalise the day tour around Sydney. Feel free to make it an overnight trip if you have a lot of destinations on your itinerary.

Overseas Travel

If you’ve got an international company and a bigger budget to spare for a special business event, you can take everyone to one of the company’s branches in an overseas destination. It gives employees from different locations a way to get acquainted and bond, which is ultimately better for the company culture. Take advantage of the Australian dollar’s strength, so you get more bang for your buck. Make it a fun activity, though. Try to look for destinations that are popular spots for tourists, so that the trip will not just be all work. Your employees deserve to have a little fun, too.

A Night Out

Any dynamic workplace would find it enlightening to attend any of Australia’s upcoming celebrations for Pride 2017. Western Australia has its fair share of planned celebrations in October, while you can check Sydney Pride for a schedule of events you can still catch. It’s a great way to celebrate the diversity in your office while encouraging everyone to be more accepting of differences.

Your company event need not be a boring dinner or an affair that has been done a couple of times before. It’s time to look at timely opportunities to celebrate.