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Horse Riding in Salt Lake CityAlthough it may appear easy on the surface, riding a horse takes special skills, training as well as preparations. The article highlights some of the key factors that underlie a successful riding experience and keeping safe.

Horse riding is a thrilling and exciting activity for many people, especially those who love the countryside. Whether galloping across the open field, running a course or going at a leisurely pace, you need to adhere to a few pointers that improve the exercise.

Have the right gear

For a great horse riding experience, you can significantly enrich the practice by dressing right. With a variety of tack shops offering a broad range of western clothing attire and riding gears, it is easy to dress right. While you can make do with a pair of Levis, just make sure to tuck them in good riding boots for the best results.

A.A. Callister’s notes that cowboys and rodeo riders show a particular preference for specialty clothing and gear including vests, boots, scarves, and helmets. After all, bull riding can be a tad dangerous and is not for the faint of heart. Making use of quality animal training equipment is another sure way of increasing the safety levels.

Learn the ropes

Watching a seasoned rider on horseback gives the illusion of relatively easy and quick to master process. Many greenhorns often simplify the art and science of riding a horse. After all, you just hop on, and the horse does all the heavy lifting. Such a misconception could not be further from the truth. Horse riding is a precise science that needs perfecting before you can efficiently control the horse.

Horses are among the most intelligent animals in the world, often learning up to 9 times quicker than a human being does. As such, they only respond well to riders who display a specific riding flair and leadership qualities. As many riders learn the hard way, you cannot dominate a horse. Rather, you inspire them to respect you by keeping calm and collected at every turn.

Having the right horse riding gear and taking the time to polish your skills is the first step to improving a horse riding experience.

Terohan Nula