July 19, 2019
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Broadway will stage a musical featuring the music of the late rap legend Tupac Shakur on June 19.

A Tale in the Midwest

TupacThe musical, titled “Holler If Ya Hear Me,” is an original non-biographical story. The play will be directed by Kenny Leon, a Tony nominee, while Todd Kreidler handled the scriptwriting. The production will be about the story of two friends in an inner-city in the Midwest.

The production got the title from an autobiographical song off Shakur’s second album. Its music video shows the tale of a girl witnessing her father’s death and leading her friends to avenge his death.

“Holler If Ya Hear Me” will not tell Tupac’s story, but would instead use the late rapper’s poetic lyrics and music to showcase “the realities of the streets still relevant today.”

A Legend

Tupac Shakur was deemed a rap legend by many in the music industry, releasing many singles and albums that gained worldwide acclaim. Most of Shakur’s songs talked about racism, politics, and other societal issues.

Terohan Nula