Survival MasteryIt is time to face the fact that the world is not as safe as it was before. At any moment, you could find yourself in trouble on the streets. While running away is the smartest thing to do, sometimes you will have no choice but to fight back. This is why it is always important to be prepared for such situations. enumerates the top three non-lethal weapons that could save your life.

Stun gun

Stun guns are great for quick incapacitation and scaring attackers. They are compact and very easy to conceal, so your assailant will not see it coming until it is too late. Sometimes, the mere sound of the jolt emitting from the gun can already fend of other attackers.

Stun guns are also a better alternative to pepper spray because they still work even when rain or wind are present.

Pepper spray

If you can manage to take out your assailant’s eyes, then you have a good chance of getting away without further problems. Pepper sprays have chemicals that are strong enough to use against a bear. Imagine what it can do to a human being.

Once sprayed, the attacker’s eyes swell up and close, making it impossible for him to see. This will give you ample time to knock him out or run away.

Tactical pen

While you can use normal pens as weapons, tactical pens are effective on a different level. These are sturdier and are ideal for closed quarters combat. Some tactical pens even have glass breakers that are great for escaping your car during an emergency. The only problem with this is they take skills to use in an actual fight.

Having these items on your purse can give you confidence and keep you safe should anything happen on the street. If you do not have any of these yet, you should visit the closest store and get what you think will work best for you.