April 22, 2019
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Roman Poet Ovid described drug-induced ecstasy as a divine gift. Even before Christ, the Chinese were brewing alcohol and refining opium by 700 BC. What’s left of William Shakespeare’s pipe have been found to contain traces of cocaine. George Washington prescribed American soldiers a daily dose of whiskey as part of their rations. Human history is embedded with mind-altering chemicals, herbs, and concoctions.

Hard-Hitting Realities

It seems like human nature to indulge in substance abuse to escape hard-hitting reality. You may be experiencing issues with close friends or partners, matters at home or school, and other concerns you don’t really feel like deconstructing on a therapist’s leather couch and spending hundreds of dollars for. You may have turned to drugs or alcohol as anti-depressants.

As a drug or alcohol-dependent person, you may be relying on the sheer happiness mind stabilizing anti-depressants provide. Inevitably, the point comes where dealing with your issues is much more preferable than avoiding them shamefully. However, considering drug and alcohol rehab costs, you may be thinking, “What’s the point?”

The Prohibition

Alcohol prohibition in the 1920s was a massive unleashing of violence and criminality. Today’s war on drugs sees a similar fate in which death, criminal acts, and other shady undertakings lurk in every corner. Alcoholics and drug addicts are painted in a bad light. As a dependent, where do you go to seek the help you need without risking financial ruin and prejudice?

There are ways of receiving medical and professional help in battling addiction, minus the excessive cost. Plenty of drug rehab centers are run by charity or the state and help those who have no financial assistance or insurance. You can also try searching online for a free drug and alcohol rehab center nearby.

The war on drugs and alcohol is pocked by utopian movements driven by wishful thinking instead of a hard scrutiny of reality. It is when alcoholics and drug addicts are treated not as immoral criminals but ill people needing health care that progress can be achieved. There should be no shame in seeking the medical and professional help you need for your addiction.

Terohan Nula