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Two grieving women at a funeralHandling death in the family is certainly difficult, especially when you are not prepared. Making arrangements and getting into the legal details are among those concerns most people do not want to do during a time of mourning.

The bereaved family cannot entirely do away with stress, but planning and getting professional help can absolutely minimize it. Funeral plans are expensive, and companies would usually demand advance payment.

This can be burdensome because it could lead you to consider credit as one of your options aside from saving cash in advance. To alleviate this pain during the time of mourning, affordable funeral services in Ogden are available from firms such as Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory.

The Full-Service Funeral

Also known as the traditional funeral, this includes visitation or viewing inside the mortuary, the use of a hearse to move the remains to the cemetery, and burial or cremation. This also includes embalming, the use of the mortuary for viewing, the casket, and the crypt.

As it offers complete service, the traditional funeral is usually the most expensive type of funeral service.

Direct Burial Service

This is when the body is buried right after death. There is usually no visitation and no need to embalm the body. You can have the memorial services at the graveside for an additional fee.

Direct Cremation Service

In the direct cremation service, there is no visitation and viewing so there will be no need for embalming if the body will go through cremation. You can place the ashes in a funeral urn, which will either be kept at home or put inside a niche in a columbarium.

Complete Cremation Service

Similar to the full-service funeral, the complete cremation service includes viewing and visitation in a mortuary, embalming, memorial service. However, the body is transported to the crematorium to be cremated instead of entombment.


A bereaved family wants to pay respect to their departed loved one by giving a decent funeral service. It is necessary to understand the options available.

Terohan Nula