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BarA drink or two and a dose of fun are perfect for out-of-office bonding—but too much booze and laughs can be a real disaster. Yes, Happy Hour is the time to loosen up, but it does not mean you should step completely out of character and drop theprofessional attitudewhen dealing with colleagues. As is the case in all social settings, etiquette is important.

With that, experts from AleHouseNelson.co.nz outline a guide on how you can make the most of Happy Hour.When at the pubs with your co-workers, it is possible to let your guard down and still keep a level of professional decorum.

Remember the Mantra: Everything in Moderation

Set a limit to the number of alcoholic beverages you will drink. While you probably have a drink limit when you are out with friends, the drink limit must be lower when you are out with co-workers.

You do not want to be drunk and go out of control in front of them, because surely, that would be an infamous post on Facebook the next day or the subject of office gossip every single time.

Remember that drinks do not have to mean alcoholic beverages, too. Soda or juice is fine ifyou are driving home or are not in the mood for alcohol.

Initiate Conversations

Happy Hour is a great opportunity to talk to colleagues about matters outside of work. In fact, the number one rule when it comes to Happy Hour conversations is to not talk about work. You went there to relieve stress, so do not bring up those pending reports or presentations.

Ask about your colleagues’ hobbies and show a genuine interest to get to know them. Remember that it is cool to have a stable group of friends in the office, but it is also nice to break away from your clique for a while and interact with others. Remember, Happy Hour is still business; think networking. You want to build as much connections as you can to broaden your career opportunities.

Buy them a Drink

A little act of generosity goes a long way. Buy your colleagues a round and they willsurely appreciate it. Do not insist on ordering another round if your co-workers agree that they have had enough.Being pushy is never an act of generosity. Learn to feel your colleagues’ vibes, know what they want and if you can afford to give it, go for it.

After-work bonding over drinks is a perfect opportunity to relax and get to know colleagues better. Make Happy Hour the happiest by following these simple etiquette guidelines.

Terohan Nula