February 16, 2019
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Inside a storage warehouse

Inside a storage warehouseSentimentality is the biggest problem when you are trying to get rid of stuff. You don’t think you have enough around the house, so you decide to keep that trinket from your trip three years ago. Then, one day you just wake up realising you do not have any space left.

What happened? You refused to let go. If it’s proving hard to get rid of things around the house, these may be what you need:

Self-storage Space

In Brisbane, one of the popular solutions is renting a self-storage space. You have additional space that is not located inside the house, which means you can normally live while the items you refuse to let go but do not use daily are stored in a safe facility. This is ideal for bulky items, so you free up bigger space around the house.

Hidden Drawers

Corners are not useless parts of the house; they can be a good location for drawers that you can access by opening or closing the door. You can also utilise hanging spaces, such as behind the door and inside closets. Even in the closet itself, you can use hanging organisers to add more storage space for clothes and accessories. In the garage, a wall can be converted to additional storage by adding hooks for belts and tools.


A drawer may have limited space, but you can use it wisely by adding dividers. The space you allot for utensils, for instance, may have a lot of unused space if these small items are scattered around. With dividers that run the length of the drawer, you can keep them to one side and use the remaining space for knives and other small kitchen tools. It also makes the drawer safer, as you’ll easily see where the knives and other sharp objects are.

You do not have to let go if you are not yet ready. These solutions are perfect for those who want to tidy up the house without throwing away anything.

Terohan Nula