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Seasons and climate change can have unexpected effects on your plumbing system. This is why it’s important to keep the plumbing system prepared through the change of seasons. To help you get through it, here are a few tips to follow.


When the winter comes, frozen pipes are a common concern. When this happens, the pipe may expand and develop cracks. This can create excessive pressure throughout your plumbing system and cause failure in other places. If you notice a slow water flow in your pipes, call for a plumbing service immediately.


Spring is the time for cleaning your plumbing system. To do this, pour water into infrequently used drains to fill the trap and prevent odours from entering your house. Slow drains should be snaked to make sure they will carry the water away in case of a flood. You can also call for a plumbing service to exa+mine the pipes under the sink and in the basement for any sign of leaks. You can also inspect for slow leaks in your home by comparing your water meter reading before bedtime and overnight.


Summer is the time to fix or replace malfunctioning fixtures in your plumbing system. It is also a good time to call a professional to inspect your sewer lines, especially if your area received a lot of rain in the spring.

Standing water is a common problem to watch out for during the summer. Excess water in your yard or home can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Inspect the yard and other areas that are too wet and those with unusual growth of plants and grass.


The chilly temperatures of fall can serve as a reminder that the winter is arriving. This is why you need to do a few plumbing inspections to prevent costly repairs in fall and winter months. In doing so, make sure that your faucet isn’t leaking or dripping. It is also advisable to make necessary repairs or acquire a plumbing service before the freezing temperature arrives. You can also test your sump pump to see how the pump is working. If it doesn’t turn on or off, there may be a danger of flooding.

Keep your plumbing system working well by following the right maintenance tips for any season. You may also hire a plumbing service company to inspect the whole system and identify any existing problem.

Terohan Nula