August 24, 2019
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staff working in a busy office mezzanine

Each workplace has safety challenges. When there are mezzanine offices and other workstations, these problems increase. Here are some safety precautions to consider:

Install Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection systems come in the shape of guardrails, fall arrest systems, and safety nets. Understand that they work differently, and not all of them are ideal for all environments. A guardrail system, for instance, works best on a walking-working surface. Safety nets prevent people from making contact with obstructions or lower levels. They only work when there is enough space between levels. It pays to consult an expert before installing any system.

Make Access Safer

If your workers or clients access your mezzanine office frequently, you should make it safe. Installing the ideal stairway or passenger lift is essential. If you prefer a stairway, it should provide stable footing. If your workers use access ladders, they should come with safety hoops and self-closing safety gates.

Maintain Them

In an industrial setting, mezzanines are covered with oil, dust, and other substances. These substances reduce traction, which results in an increased risk of slips. Cleaning your balcony helps eradicate these safety hazards. It is important to wear suitable footwear to avoid accidents. If you plan to handle substances that increase safety hazards, consider installing non-slip flooring.

Protect Vacant Docks

Falls are likely to happen at loading docks, too. Protecting open dock doors usually prevents such falls. Safety gates offer an effective way to safeguard loading docks. Since there are many varieties of safety gates, you should be careful to choose a design that is ideal for your workplace.

Only high-quality safety systems work. This makes it essential to invest in OSHA approved safety systems. It is also crucial to have them installed by a certified professional. Maintaining safety systems is also vital to ensure that they work at optimal efficiency.

Terohan Nula