June 26, 2019
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plantsA new study found out that plants listen to other kinds of plants and use the sound they hear to guide their growth. The findings, published in BMC Ecology, suggested that plants use acoustic signaling to communicate with other neighboring plants.

“We have shown that plants can recognize when a good neighbor is growing next to them,” said study co-author Monica Gagliano. “We are proposing that this communication may be based upon an acoustic exchange.”

The study suggests that plants can not only “smell” the chemicals and “see” the reflected light of their neighbors; they also “listen” to the plants around them. In the new study, Gagliano and her colleague Michael Renton showed that chili plants sprouted faster and were healthier, compared with those grown in isolation, when they were grown next to “good neighbors,” like basil, that help inhibit weed growth and pests.

Find out more about this story in this article at National Geographic.

Terohan Nula