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Funeral mourning

More families acrossFuneral mourning the country are making it so that funeral services for a loved one who has passed away are a celebration of the life lived instead of a life lost. The concept of funeral personalization established a rise in the popularity of unique services that reflect the interests, passions, and hobbies of the deceased. This makes the funeral more special and meaningful.

Funeral personalization is driven mostly by baby boomers. They are now making choices based on values that are different compared to previous years. Many baby boomers consider the funeral as an important part of the grieving process and are looking for ways to make it special for their dearly departed.

Personalized Funeral

Funeral personalization involves figuring out the music, photographs, food, and other elements that will contribute to celebrating the individuality of the deceased. This also involves picking flowers and the service location like a church or funeral home. Roy funeral experts say that many families are also organizing themed receptions or having cremated remains compressed into gemstones or embedded in reefs.

Things to Consider

When personalizing a funeral service, it can help to consider the hobbies and interests of the person. Come up with a list of their achievements, important memories, and passions as these are little things that can help. There are number of ways to incorporate them into a service, including memorial video tributes or picture board service.

Music and Poetry

Pre-recorded or live music can make a service more somber or calm. Family members can hire musicians to sing songs or encourage friends and family to perform appropriate songs. Poetry readings or excerpts from literature can also create a funeral service infused with beautiful thoughts to remember. Family and friends can also read passages or write their own poems to share.

A personalized funeral service is a great way to honor the life of a deceased loved one. Other ideas that can help personalize a service include balloon release, dove release, personalized memorial folders, or videotaping of the service.

Terohan Nula