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A beautifully-designed Brisbane patio can be a relaxing escape right in your backyard for you and your family during warm weather. Create a charming patio for you to read a book or relax in with these tips.

If your landscape includes plenty of different plant textures and types, adding too many patterns can be visually overwhelming. If you would like to add patterns to offer visual relief and add a stimulating contrast to furniture, put pattern to work by incorporating it in small doses.

Move the air around through your patio’s design. If it is too shaded, you can miss out on the cool summertime breeze. If you have an overhead structure, such as a roof or pergola, install a ceiling fan to lower the temperature.

For Limited Backyard Space

For small backyards, screen your seating area for a bit of privacy from your neighbors. There are a range of visually attractive ways to do so, including pleasing fencing, tall trees, shrubs, or a hedgerow.

Exterior lighting has many purposes. It ensures safety along pathways and offers ambience as the sun goes down. It should be an important component of any patio design. Try a pendant light fixture above the dining table to cast light on guests and diners as the natural light fades.

An abruptly ending bricked patio feels out of place with a bigger landscape around it. For a visually pleasing design, use different materials to steadily transition and connect the two spaces. Irregularly shaped pavers offer a walkway from patio to lawn, and mulch and potted plants make a neat segue into the green areas.

Soften Borders

Soften your patio’s borders with living walls. Although vertical gardens aren’t considered new, living walls are gaining newfound popularity. You can also use an espaliered tree if you don’t want to take care of a garden on a wall.

Most professional design experts agree that the design of your patio should reflect the current style of your house. For example, the patio of a period house looks great with paving or stone walls, while a modern home should feature decking and trellis. Plants are also a huge factor in determining the look of patios in Brisbane, whether leafy, minimalist, or colorful, so think before you buy.

Terohan Nula